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( Apr. 1st, 2010 11:06 pm)
Nifty things #1 - Torquere Press are having an April Fool's 2-day sale - 15% off with the code 'nofool' on checkout. This is particularly nifty as I've just become the lucky owner of a dedicated ebook reader, so it's perfect timing for me to stock up on some of the titles from my wishlist :D

Nifty things #2 - the ageofsteam blog are throwing a Steampunkapalooza all month, and start things off with a bang with this interview with Gail Carriger, which includes all sorts of nifty things, including the fact that she had one of the costumes from her cover art made for her in real life, which is an idea that is so totally going on my 'you know you've made it when' list!

Nifty things #3 - sticking to the steampunk theme, I've been tempted into playing Echo Bazaar: Fallen London, which is a really nicely done steampunky alternative London story-adventure type game. Anyone else playing? (It ties into Twitter, but while there's a little bit of game pressure to involve any of your Twitter followers who are already playing, they are - so far at least - doing the decent thing and not posting things without your active consent.)

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