Sensory Overload – an original fiction ficathon – is NOW OPEN.

Thank you to everyone who helped me out, everyone who convinced me this was worth trying, everyone who edited and beta-read stories, everyone who answered the requests for mentors, and most of all – everyone who wrote. This thing only exists because of you.

I have one more thing to ask of you. Send feedback.

Send an author an email, or leave them a comment.[1] Tell them what you liked, and what didn’t work for you. Send them a single line ‘I was here – that was fun’ note, or write them a three page explanation, or anything in between. Whatever you have time for and whatever floats your boat, but please – let people know that their story found an audience.

Send feedback, and if you read something that really does something for you – tell people about it, in your own journals, in communities like [ profile] the_originals, email the link to the friend you thought might like it – in general, go forth and spread the word!

Thank you, and happy reading.


[1] Most everyone should have an email or comment link attached to their story, but if you find one that doesn’t, send your fb to me, telling me who it’s for, and I’ll try and pass it along.


Sensory Overload - the stories.

A Reflection of You, A Reflection of Me by K-Woman

All Else is Hollow by Crikpaw

All Those Words We Said Before by not_fred

And it feels like home by Melata.

And it's called a heart by Moonriddler Mim

And Lie On Demand by Skylark97

boys meet boys get together/boys meet boys live forever* by cindy

By the hand to infinity by yueni

Can't See the Sense in Crying by Melayne

Come down from your pedestals by Willow

For Singing These Tears by Laughingwolf

Get the balance rightl by heather

Grabbing Hands Grab All They Can* by Magpie

Grey Sky Over A Black City by aayras

Healing Hands* by Pen

I Don't Want To Start Any Blasphemous Rumors ... by Jaime

I will function, operate.* by Anya

I Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way by Maranda Jones

I'll Make Your Heart Smile By Jaya

I'll Try Not To Kiss You by ASH

I'm not the one by Josey

I'm Not Trying To Tell You Anything by Oyasumi

If You'd Only Lied by Olram

If That’s What You Want, They’re Waiting For You. by Seshat

Is it a sin to be flexible by Timarelay

It is Written in the Stars Above by Dreamerjules

It's Only When I Lose Myself By The Bat

Just for a day on a day like today by enchanteresse.

Just for Me by Covarla

Just Take Good Care of the World by Watercolor Dragon

Lose My Way and Fall Again by jane

Love's Little Luxuries: a Nautical Phantasy by gabriel m.

Love's Not Enough In Itself by Besu

More Than You Seem to Know by Tesserae

My Destination. by Grey Duck

My Duty was Always to Beauty by tsu_chan55

My Joy Flows in Your Name by chainedinbeads

No Hidden Catch by Jenelin

No Sound, No Sin, No Sanctuary by (Aza)Shenya

Nothing Comes Easy by Jared November

Now is the morning of our love * by jamjar

Only Sometimes* by Willow

Put It On And Don't Say A Word by Amaretto

Reach Out and Touch Faith* by Katy

Reassurance by stardark

Shine For Me by Pluto

Shouldn't Have Done That... by FairyMage

Taking From the Greedy by Angel

The Time of Day by Ruth

The back of another black day by Ree.

The Hours Slipping By by Tarayith

There's a Thousand Watts in You by larinzia

They Live for Your Beauty and Pay for Their Vices by Cameron

Tomorrow won't do by afrai [locked post - email the author for access]

Tonight I'm in the hands of fate* by Pumpkin and Raven

Waiting for the Night to Fall by Dreamcatc

Walking in my shoes* by Ephemera

We Talk of Love and Trust by Chris King

What Use is a Souvenir by phendog

What you take won't kill you, but careful what you're giving* by Cicirossi

Why Do You Smile the Smile You Do? by gwyllgi

With The Loneliest Eyes - jenlittlebottom

Without Reading the Text by Gryvon

Won't Wash away Your Shame by Sel

Words are very unnecessary by Quatorze

You've Got Me Dreamingl by Rykaine

From: [identity profile]

Однако, афтар грамотно накреативил!Image ( (

From: (Anonymous)

ремонт в квартире своими руками

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Для работ с фанерой или тонкими досками могут применяться электролобзики. Главное отличие от дисковых пил - это более маневренная режущая пилка, позволяющая делать фигурную резку заготовки.

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