This is me trying to spin something erotic with popsicles for CB Potts - it's notably lacking in both popsicles and sex, really ....


"Stop it!" Izzy squirmed and tried to get away from Cal's tongue. "Seriously, man, cut that out. It's gross. I'm all sweaty."

"That's why it tastes so good." Cal grinned up from where he'd managed to pin Izzy's arm and had been lapping at the fold of his elbow.


"Your freak." Cal shot back.

"Yeah – I'm starting to wonder about that." Izzy was teasing, and Cal knew it, and retorted with another broad, warm, swipe of his tongue. Cal's fingers were tight around Izzy's wrist, and he had his whole body weight pressing down on Izzy's shoulder, and there was no getting away by pulling.

Izzy got smart. He relaxed, and let the arm that wasn't being molested flop, and then felt his way along the deck until he found the bucket they'd been cooling the beers in. Grabbing a handful of wet slippery ice cubes, he twisted and scrubbed them into Cal's ribs. Cal shrieked, and the plastic recliner skittered on the concrete as they both hit the floor on opposite sides.

"Fuck!" Cal cursed, sitting up and rubbing his hands over his bare chest. Izzy wasn't really seeing the problem, watching Cal's flat hands slide across those suddenly perky nipples. "Jesus, man, that's not funny. It's too hot for ice!"

"It's too hot for ice? Cal – how long have you been out here? You got heatstroke or something?" It was an effort not to laugh, Cal looked so put out – he was practically pouting.

"Fuck you." Cal retorted. "You know I hate cold stuff, and I've been sunbathing, you twat. You could have, I don’t know, put me into shock or something."

"Hey! Babe. I was just, you know, goofing around, I didn't … I'm sorry, okay?" Izzy scrambled to his feet and held out his hand to help Cal up. He had a shiver of relief when Cal's hot hand closed around his own. He really hadn't intended to piss he new boyfriend off, and Cal sounded genuinely put out.

Cal came up, and settled his arms around Izzy's waist. It was blisteringly hot, and the skin to skin contact was sticky, but for a moment that didn't matter. Cal sighed, and then brushed a quick kiss on Izzy's jawbone.

"It's okay."

He pulled back a fraction, enough to let some air get to their stomachs, but Izzy didn't let his hands slide entirely free, settling them on Cal's hips, just above the low-slung swimming shorts.

"Can I make it up to you?" he asked, sliding his thumbs in firm circles over Cal's hipbones. "I'll let you lick me, this time."

"You'll let me lick you? You'll beg me to, maybe." Cal's smirk was confident and sent zings of anticipation down Izzy's spine.

"You're gonna make me beg, huh?" Izzy challenged, backing up until his calved nudged the recliner. "And how are you going to do that."

Cal's foot curled around Izzy's ankle, encouraging him down, and Cal followed, landing mostly on top of him.

"Oh, I've got an idea." The tip of a pink tongue appeared between Cal's white teeth and damn if Izzy wasn't so sure now that he'd be able to hold out long enough to turn the tables. Cal slithered down Izzy's body, holding his arms still by the elbows and dropping to rub his chest briefly over Izzy's crotch. Izzy bit his lip to keep from giving himself away. "Oh yeah, I've got some ideas."
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