And to celebrate, I have an e-book out! Favour is one of Torquere's Halloween Sips. It's sweet like candy, and it has laser-quest, fake fangs, and boys making out in graveyards. If that sounds like your kind of thing, it's also a mere $1.29, so an affordable treat.

A little taster:

( "Hold still!"

"I'm trying!" Rhys protested. "I'm not used to this stuff. Okay, I'm ready. Try again."

Micky carefully placed the fingers of his left hand against Rhys' face, and brought the kohl pencil he was holding in his right close to Rhys' cheek. "Okay. Look up."

Rhys focused on up -- Micky could feel the muscles moving Rhys' eyebrow -- and Micky stuck his tongue out as he concentrated on drawing a smooth line along the lower eyelid without stabbing Rhys in the eye. Stabbing Rhys in the eye wouldn't help with the guy's flinching problem. They were both holding their breath, but this time Micky managed to complete the line before Rhys jerked his head back, blinking.

"Sorry! Sorry. I know."

"It's okay -- that's that eye done, anyway." Micky moved back half a step to take a look at his handiwork. Rhys was sitting on Micky's desk, and Micky had been standing between his black-clad thighs. He snatched up his hand when he realized it was resting on Rhys' leg. "And it's totally worth it -- you're going to look great," he finished.

Rhys smiled, and Micky swallowed. Oh, yeah, Rhys looked great. He'd found a wine-red, silky shirt from somewhere, which made his natural tan look glowing and golden, and even without eyeliner a long sweep of dark lashes framed his eyes. With the leather cuffs Micky had lent him drawing attention to his long-fingered hands, the black-with-red-tips nail-varnish was startling.

Micky forced himself to stop dwelling. "Okay -- ready for the other eye?"

"Sure." Rhys nodded, and leaned back a little, hands on the desk behind him, legs spread, inviting Micky to step closer. Bending close with his eyeliner poised above Rhys' cheek-bone, Micky could smell Rhys' aftershave, feel Rhys' body-heat. Not very in-character for a vampire, he reminded himself. That didn't make it any less dizzying


(there's a different extract on the Torquere site.)

There are lots of fantastic writers on the Halloween Sips list, and if you're tempted by all of them, Torquere have a package deal - 26 Sips for $28
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