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([personal profile] alexdraven Jun. 10th, 2009 12:30 am)
A tiny, off-the-cuff snippet for @melfaescotland over on Twitter, who asked for Teague and emo boy's in bands


It's afternoon when he wakes, at least he thinks so from how it feels. The room's sun-baked air still stuffy from having passed through too many lungs, even though he's alone now.

He remembers sprawling out on the couch, dumping his legs across someone's lap. Sam? Teague? The details aren't there yet.

He remembers laughing wildly at something, laughing till his lungs hurt, his stomach ached, until he slid boneless onto the rough carpet. He remembers pulling people down on top of him in a hot, heavy, ridiculous pile. He remembers deciding that standing up was way too much effort, and the conversations were all floating above him, up, out of reach, disjointed because every time he blinked his friends skipped into fast forward.

He doesn't remember the party ending. There must have been a moment when the room fell silent, and someone caught someone's eye and made some gesture that asked 'time to go?', because why else would he be alone?

The room's wrecked, although it's only because it's his mess that he can tell how much of the chaos is new. A t-shirt balled up under the couch, right at his eye level. He stretches awkwardly to tug it free, sky blue against the grubby charcoal of his rug, soft under his calloused fingers, and he wants, so badly, for it to smell of Teague, but when he buries his face in it, there's just the sharp smell of stale beer.

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