My corset-boys novella, Stay Tape, has been re-released today as a Torquere Single Shot Classic. That means that you can, once again, get your hands on it, if you haven't already.

Stay Tape is about Kit and Dirk, eyeliner and photography, kilts and corsets. It's about love, and trust, and doing the things that scare you because if you never get scared you're not growing.

Dirk loves his life. He has his partner, Kit, and he has a wonderful job at the local fetish shop, working behind the scenes. Panic sets in when Dirk's boss, Sukie, asks him to model some of the wares in the next catalog. He's not sure he wants to be on the front lines, where everyone can see him.

Kit is more than happy to help Dirk get over his case of nervous jitters. In fact, Kit might just be uniquely suited to the task. He sets out to make sure Dirk can do the job, helping Dirk ease his fears. Can they prove to Dirk that it's not so bad to be in the spotlight after all?

You can read an extract, reviews, and a bonus snippet over at Stay Tape's page on my website, and you can pick it up for your Kindle at Amazon, in a range of other ebook formats from your preferred distributor, or direct from the publisher.
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