I'm a member of a book-swapping service called BookMooch. As well as helping books to find readers and readers new books, it's also spawned a collection of collaborative journals,  sent around the world and filed with words and images and thoughts and notes by anyone who wants to take part. I've added to a few, and not  documented them, but this afternoon I decided to write a drabble for this one - A Dragon's Tale. A drabble means a hundred words, which means typing the words so I could count them and tweak them to get the perfect century.

I also remembered to take a couple of photos.

Silver-on-black stencilled dragon and handwritten drabble

Nothing like you imagined.


Smoke in the air, carbon staining anything that touched the rocks, and - there! A flicker of distant flame? A glint of reflected light? Reflected from scales or gold? It barely mattered - she stumbled forward, further into the dark of cave, straining to catch a second glimpse, and then froze as the cave floor vibrated under her feet. She felt as much as heard the bass rumble of the dragon shifting, sighing. A clatter of something falling against rocks - gold, or more rocks? She smiled, imagining the dragon stretching, and curled asleep on his horde, like a house cat.


silver dragon stencilled on black

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