Kit (from Staytape) has a favourite part of Christmas, and it's not going home to visit family, or even presents.

It's the annual Boxing Day Bash at the pub where he's the assistant manager. The Blackbird and Bait is the local alternative pub, and on Boxing Day - the day after Christmas, which is a public holiday here in the UK - they move the snooker table to set up a small stage and rearrange the tables to clear some space for dancing, and have a mini-festival, with a handful of local bands, and guest dj's and a late licence. Over the evening, if feels like everyone who's still in town drops in, and it's always a busy, happy, time. The pub doesn't have a food license, but they do have an agreement with a local pizza place, and about every hour or so
a delivery guy shows up with a stack of boxes. The taste of Rocket Pizza's All Star pizza may not be traditional, but it's the taste of
Christmas for Kit.

(Okay, so I'm about a week late posting that, but - oh well. Here's wishing you all a fabulous 2009! Happy New Year!)
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