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Me wan go home (100 words) by Petra
Fandom: Schitt's Creek
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Moira Rose, Jocelyn Schitt, Ronnie (Schitt's Creek)
Additional Tags: Women's Chorus, Drabble, Earworm

"Of course we'll need someone strong on the solo for this one," Jocelyn said, and smiled at the Jazzagals.

Via [personal profile] ephemera, The Goblin Emperor e-book is temporarily $1.99 (it still says full price, but the promotional price comes up on the bookseller links). Alas, it is US only.

I've been grabbing a lot of stuff via the promos on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books ([syndicated profile] smartbitches_feed), which is overtly about romance genre, but also overlaps into all sorts of books and recs that are of interest to me, and alerts when they're on sale. So I've been reading a lot of fiction on my lunch breaks lately, and it's mostly been pretty neat stuff. The whole Broken Earth Series, starting with The Obelisk Gate, which was amazing, and heart-crushing and then hopeful again, and a book about space whale ships and how baby girls from the wrong side of the tracks manage to hijack them <3, and this latest I'm reading, And I Darken, appears to be more or less what happens when you drop a female baby drakthos in a human meat suit into the Ottoman Empire* (Her first word was literally "Mine," you guys. There's no one to teach her how to properly keep things shining, and human society is obviously not her friend, so the trainwreck is basically.... yeah. But she's not dead yet, and she's learning. And of course, it's the first of a series. I didn't notice. Argh.)

Anyway. Much reading. Not much writing. A lot of editing. (Okay, I did manage to rewrite Stone vs. Luce so I at least I know what I'm writing toward, and that got interesting). But yeah, that's about it on the writing/reading end of things.



Srsly though, I need to get a grip. Going to PA tomorrow as Mom owns Easter. Took Monday off after that, because I figure I'd need it. I think we're going to Philly the weekend after that because a friend wants to hang out. I am never opposed to going to Philly. And somehow this day has flown by and I didn't do a single thing to break ground on the part of the yard I was going to move the tomatoes to. Bad me. How you doin'?
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I'd heard it before, but never with quite the same ears as today: Title of the Song, da Vinci's Notebook.

It might be a little too sincere, but then again Celine Dion only goes to eleven and there she was.
This essay by [personal profile] greywash says what I've been feeling. Spoilers all the way down.
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Unpopular Magicians opinion (not the big one, probably): Read more... )

Looking forward to Lucifer returning. It's too much to hope that it will be like that one J2 story where SPN got moved to HBO and everything got very hot and heavy, isn't it?

Michael Pollan, How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence: trippy )
Anand Giridharas, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World: the charitable is political )Pete Buttigieg, Shortest Way Home: he's a mayor )
Bradley Hope & Tom Wright, Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World: the banality of evil )
Jeff Kosseff, The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet: section 230 )

Jared Diamond, Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis: oy )

Larrie D. Ferreiro, Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved Itworld historical )David W. Blight, Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memoryhow the lost cause was won )
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([personal profile] petra Apr. 18th, 2019 01:44 pm)
Spoilers )
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I didn't expect to be distracted from rage at one of my fandoms (loosely defined) by long-awaited new material in another (ditto).

Or, "Thank goodness I can stop fuming over The Magicians' season finale and read the Mueller Report!"
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I should link this to Mousie to show her there are worse things than calling her cat "Potatoes".

Speaking of, I walked into my bedroom this morning to find said pile of fluffy tubers rolling himself up in the rug. When he saw me, he unrolled and skittered away.

When I walked back in a few minutes later, he was rolling himself up in the rug again, and the other two cats were sitting nearby, watching.

I sorta stepped around them and over him and got my sweater and went to work. I have no idea what that madness is about and I want nothing to do with it.


Jareth, in the meantime, will leap up on the dining room, stuff his paws in your bowl of ramen and KNEEEEEAD the noodles if you leave it unattended for longer than 10 seconds. Squish. Squish. Prrr.

But he's been my writing bro of late, and a devoted laundry support bro, as well as being a pen-stealing stoner jerk that demands belly rubs at the most inconvenient times, so I can't trash talk him too hard. ...Dude, please stop gnawing on my laptop. Thanks.


My cat, however, is a precious murder baby who never does anything wrong and always falls off the cat tree 100% on purpose.
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2019: Look, a published Star Wars novel about Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi titled Master and Apprentice.

Petra: No thanks, I'd rather reread Sith Academy. Or almost anything posted on that old archive. What was it called again?

But seriously, folks, that's the fandom where I figured out that I had a little, tiny, eensy-weensy bit of a power-differential mentor/student kink. If I wrote it, which I don't remember doing, it was under a different pseud and far, far away.

Relatedly, I suspect that someone, somewhere has written something I'd describe as Obi-Wan/Anakin chan, but if so I've never seen it. That's a gap in my life that I do not especially want to fill with my own writing, but would be pleased to fill with just about anyone else's for the sake of completeness. I mean, I ship it, but I don't quite ship it like that, more OT3-leaning.
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My Twitter timeline yesterday almost induced whiplash.

There were many folks mourning the burning of Natre Dame and posting up to the minute pics as well as recollections of visits and the impact of the building.

Meanwhile there was a vocal cadre of the "it's only a building" crowd as well as the usual posts about climatic doom and gloom bearing down on us. For a while it felt like both the future and the past were on fire...

This morning comes the news that much of the structure of the cathedral has survived, including by sheer good fortune the much admired rose windows. The 18thC organ has survived and much of the artwork was rescued thanks to a human chain of fire fighters. Even more astounding (according to the Standard) is that a large crane was deployed to pluck some statues from the roof and keep them out of harms way.

Two French billionaires have already chucked a tonne of Euro's into the pot for restoration and appeals are already out there for expert help and guidance from around the world.

Meanwhile back at home the Extinction Rebellion crowd have closed down Waterloo Bridge and are camped out at Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and other locations stopping traffic and getting the message out about climate change.

Add in the Stop Brexit March, the Climate Change march and the popularity of the Greta Thunberg inspired school strikes and for the first time in a long time I'm seeing a glimmer of light and starting to feel a little bit optimistic.
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just a poem for today, because i worked way too many hours and i'm pretty sure i fucked something up and there is absolutely no way i can handle september and october busy season by myself.

Before this day I loved
like an animal loves a human,

with no way to articulate
how my bones felt in bed

or how a telephone felt so strange
in my paw. O papa—

I called out to no one—
but no one understood. I didn’t

even. I wanted to be caught. Like
let me walk beside you on my favorite leash,

let my hair grow long and wild
so you can comb it in the off-hours,

be tender to me. Also let me eat
the meals you do not finish

so I can acclimate, climb into
the way you claim this world.

Once, I followed married men:
eager for shelter, my fur

curled, my lust
freshly showered.

I called out, Grief.
They heard, Beauty.

I called out, Why?
They said, Because I can and will.

One smile could sustain me for a week.
I was that hungry. Lithe and giddy,

my skin carried the ether of a so-so
self-esteem. I felt fine. I was

fine, but I was also looking
for scraps; I wanted them all to pet me.

You think because I am a woman,
I cannot call myself a dog?

Look at my sweet canine mind,
my long, black tongue. I know

what I’m doing. When you’re with
the wrong person, you start barking.

But with you, I am looking out
this car window with a heightened sense

I’ve always owned. Oh every animal
knows when something is wrong.

Of this sweet, tender feeling, I was wrong,
and I was right, and I was wrong.

--"Bitch Instinct", Analicia Sotelo
i think i might have figured out what my bigbang is about - like, what the story actually is - which would be great except if so, it means i'm only at the middle or possibly the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end, and i have two weeks to write a lot more than i was expecting. altho now my title fits better.... i've done bigbang enough times that you'd think i'd know what i was doing by now, but no. i don't.

in other news, i spent a lot of time today hanging out with people and buying stuff i probably don't need (chiefly a salt and pepper shaker set shaped like cacti, because cacti). first, brunch with [ profile] tamalinn and friends and yummy pancakes. then four of us went to home goods, which was like half an hour away. we met a very cute, very chill shih tzu and her little old lady mom and her mom's little old lady friend. apparently she was a rescue and came with a box of clothes. a stylish puppy! the little old ladies were really sweet and had absolutely no problem with these total strangers giving their dog some love. and seriously, she was the most chill dog. after that was target and no dogs, but i did get the aforementioned cactus salt and pepper shakers and a new teakettle, because the whistle in my old one is busted. so something useful and something cactus. :D after that the grocery store (by now just me and one other person) and then it was 5:30 and i was finally going home. and then i worked on my bang for a while and realized at like 9:00 that i might have hit on the actual story. even tho i still don't know how it ends.

and yes, i will eventually stop talking about the bang but probably not for two weeks, because the draft is due may 1 and i'll probably be panicking right up until then.

last night at seriously ass o'clock i signed on to my work laptop and e-filed a bunch of tax returns and extensions. but not as many as i was hoping! tomorrow will be fun. :|

South of Plaza Mayor by Plaza de Cascorro—
past streets named Lettuce, Raisin, Barley—
is Madrid’s outdoor market called El Rastro,
hundreds of stalls, lean-tos, tents squeezed tight
as niches where anything from a clawfoot tub,
to a surgeon’s saw to a tattered La Celestina
bound in sheepskin could be haggled down
with raunchy bravado or the promise of beer.
Mostly it was junk passed off to the tourists
as pricey souvenirs, like plastic castanets, hand fans
of silk (rayon really), or tin-plate doubloons.
So what drew the youth of Madrid to this place
every Sunday afternoon by the hundreds?
None of us were bargain hunters or hoarders,
just hippieish kids in patched dungarees,
espadrilles, & wool coats frayed to cheesecloth,
our pockets with enough pesetas to buy
a handful of stale cigarettes. It was to revel
in life, squeeze out joy from the lees of fate,
make fellowship like pilgrims to a shrine.
We’d sprawl against a wall or a lamppost
long into the afternoon to talk, joke, carouse,
eat cheese rinds with secondhand bread,
drink wine more like iodine than merlot,
oblivious to time & space, the crowds tripping
on our legs, tossing butts into our heads,
how they smelled like horses & we told them so,
who then shot out crude medieval curses,
but we didn’t care, for we felt alive as never before,
singular in every breath, word, & thought,
stubborn as wayward seeds that trick a drought
& grow into hardscrabble woodland trees.

--"El Rastro", Orlando Ricardo Menes
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Despite the week getting off to a rough start knee-wise (and yes, still problematic) the rest of the week was OK. On the plus side we didn't crash out of the EU on Friday so a healtfelt Bollocks to Brexit there. And we have an extension to that clusterfuck until Hallowe'en.

I have a lot get get through at work tomorrow and Tuesday - including my quarterly review which should have happened in early Feb, as we're about to come up on the half year review LOL - so I can head off to Wales with a clear conscience. However things have been achieved around the flat:

1. Giant batch of Jack Monroe's Spinach, lentil and lemon soup made on Friday.
2. Giant batch of veggie chilli made yesterday
3. Freezer defrosted yesterday afternoon in anticipation of...
4. Top up shop arrived, unpacked, repacked and frozen.
5. Freezer full of food and don't need to worry about cooking Monday/Tuesday
6. Laundry taken to/collect from launderette
7. Bedroom plants all given a good soak in the bath
8. Kitchen mostly tidy and all washing up done
9. Bathroom plants given a good soak
10. Trip to tip with several bags of rubbish/recycling
11. Food order for 5 days in Wales placed

Still to do tonight and next few nights )

My living room looks like a hurricane has gone through it but I have a few days after Easter to sort that out before I'm off again for a long weekend. The week after that I'm only in the office for one day and then have a day off for a conference before another long weekend - when I hope I can get some work done in the garden and on the allotment.

But for now I'm going to bail the plants out of the bath, have a hot shower and what Into the Spiderverse while trying to sort out the last bit of chaos in my bedroom.
yesterday was disconcertingly chill for the last day before a big deadline. i'm expecting monday to be a clusterfuck of epic proportions. i brought my laptop home with the assumption that there are going to be returns or extensions that need to be e-filed over the weekend, and if i can do them now, i won't have to do them on monday. hopefully.

and i was so excited to be leaving before seven (ok, i left at 6:45) that i forgot to put postage on all the certifieds i had to send, so i ended up paying $73 to certify twelve checks for a client. >.< work will pay me back, but still. i was annoyed mostly because i had to wait for the postal clerk to put postage on all the envelopes, rather than just having him stamp all the manifests.

there was a woman on the bus home who had the coolest shoes, and i really wanted to take a picture of them but couldn't because that's a. weird, b. rude, and c. stalkery. and i thought it would be equally weird to get up and move seats on a half-empty bus just to tell a total stranger i liked her shoes. but they were really cool. like spectator shoes, kind of, but with a heel and in two shades of maroon. i loved them. i seriously should have told her, weirdness be damned.

i had four things to do today (dentist, taxes, comics, bigbang) and did all of them! holyshit. and yes, i did file my taxes two days before the deadline. ahem. never let it be said i did things on time when i could put them off. i'm starting to panic slightly about my bang, tho, because i don't know how it ends and i don't know if i'll actually be able to finish it before may 1. assuming i figure out how it ends. >.<

God likes to be played like a piano.
Dawn glows with sailors dancing in the eye of a storm
by the river of black water. These days
things make sense under the green and yellow
and brown sky of Granada and I wear a tie as penance
for the sins of my navel. The saints of the north
and the saints of the south fly by dropping scorpions
down my neck and those women
with fire in their eyes drink melon juice and wink.
I play billiards on the other side of town
thinking bone in and bone out is the legacy of canines.
The camouflage, the hunt, the war of ice and water.
God knows. He clinks all day and night.
Fly me to the moon. Yes, I’d rather be sleeping.
A slender, tender rain comes over Granada
and the storm passes and the city sighs.

--"The Andalusian Dog Finds Answers", Pablo Medina

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