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([personal profile] petra Feb. 23rd, 2019 12:01 pm)
Did anyone order a dream about going on a date with Sidney Crosby? It got delivered here instead. If I can figure out how to package it, you can have all of it. (N. B. it was neither hot nor heavy, so if that's what you asked for, look elsewhere.)


In other news, in case anyone needs them, I had to find enough interest-rate calculators to figure out what the real answer to a word problem was. Here's a general APR calculator, for all your needs but with more variables, and auto loan calculator, which is more purpose-built.

I'm really glad the internet can help with this kind of thing. I knew I couldn't do it all in my head, but I didn't have a real idea of how far off my guesstimates were till I crunched numbers.
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([personal profile] ruric Feb. 23rd, 2019 08:03 am)
I'm on my penultimate long weekend having decided earlier in the month that I was taking 15, 22 and 28 Feb and 1 Mar as leave. I'd planned to accomplish things over those three weekends. (In between feeling frustrated, depressed and furious as we lumber ever closer to Brexit day still without any kind of plan. It's starting to get interesting in British politics tho' as 9 Labour MPs and 3 Conservatives have left their parties, most forming The Independent Group and there are rumors of more to come and rebellion in the Tory ranks).

Last weekend I did spend time on Friday down on the allotment and lolled around doing very little on Sunday except inhaling The Umbrella Academy which was as wonderful as I had been led to believe. Hard recommend there from me - the cast knock it out of the park and Robert Sheerhan is a joy to behold as ever.

This weekend I lolled around yesterday doing nothing much other than a gym session. Today I'm up and soon to be out of the door for another gym session with the lovely PPTP and then I plan to do a combination of blitz cleaning my flat (which is a pit), play catch up on a backlog of TV viewing spend more time on the allotments and tackle Laundry Foothills and Ironing Mountain.

I had my second physio session on Wednesday and other than getting better at doing the exercises more regularly all is well.

In other news I have reached the age where the NHS is now offering me free screening for certain things so I had the joy of an endoscopy on Wednesday. The NHS has cunningly figured the way to distract you from thinking about what they're doing is plant the TV screen without your eyeline so you can see what the doc sees. I'm not quite sure what the appropriate response is to "You have a very healthy bowel" is but yey - go me and my large bowel. Well done, body!

It's super foggy out this morning which feels a bit weird and I suspect it will mostly have cleared up by the time I get out of the gym. Speaking of which I can breathe a sigh of relief as the lovely PPTP is (a) finding time to squeeze me back into his insane schedule and very happy to see me (b) with his background is quite happy to ease me back into gym work and spend time working slowly on leg and core exercises as well as upper body and most importantly (c) has got his settled status sorted without a hitch (he's Slovakian) and trust me I (and I suspect a considerable number of his other much better connected clients) would have fought the Home Office if they'd tried to boot him out.

Time to go put the gym gear on and head out! Hope everyone on the other side the screen is having a good weekend!
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([personal profile] petra Feb. 21st, 2019 08:54 pm)
Due to corporate attempts to use Hip Youth Lingo:

"Roll the dice to see if I'm getting woke!"
What I just finished reading:
quicksilver, FINALLY. i don't even know what i think about it, other than "long and dense and full of science". i kept wanting to know what happened, and i didn't resort to skipping ahead to find out, so that's something. and for all the world-shaking events happening around the characters, their relationships with each other felt kind of cozy, and i liked that.

i started reading this in september. and yes, i took a couple breaks to read other things (mostly the kind-of guidebook about cuba), but still, five and a half months is some kind of record.

What I am reading now:
record of a spaceborn few, by becky chambers, also FINALLY. i'm not that far in and so far it's a lot like the long way to a small, angry planet in that we're getting to know the characters and the world, but an actual plot (or any reason for all these people to be together) has yet to reveal itself. but i like it. there's something about becky chambers' writing that i really like. it's fun and kind of soothing.

What I'm going to read next:
dunno! probably the beatrix gates because i have it. there's probably something in my house i haven't read yet.

i'm 99.44% sure the regional head of tax is encouraging the very special partner to think of me (and treat me) like her own personal assistant. apparently all the partners in the new york offices have their own admins, and no one there knows (or probably cares) how the boston office is set up. like, we have two admins, total. but she clearly thinks i should be hers. (can you see me rolling my eyes? i totally am.)

things about the magicians! )
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([personal profile] tsuki_no_bara Feb. 20th, 2019 01:29 am)
there was a full moon last night and according to the news here, it was the snow moon. appropriate, since it snowed yesterday. :D once again, enough to be pretty but not enough to have to shovel. my favorite kind. (well, next to snow that gets you out of school/work....)

over the weekend i did some day drinking at a local cidery with [ profile] tamalinn and another friend (i didn't know there was a local cidery! but there is! and the cider is delicious!), failed to get my comics, lost at curling (again), wrote a bunch of words for my bang that i might not keep, and spent six and a half hours with my sister planning a trip to hawaii. so i'm going to hawaii. :D we still have to rent a car and get tickets for a luau, but we have the important things done. it's very exciting.

today was a very chill day and then everything happened in like the last two hours. >.< suddenly everybody needed something done.

i have a ton of links and i'm not kidding.

scientist discovers lapis lazuli in a medieval woman's teeth, leading to the thought that she was most likely a painter of medieval manuscripts. i thought that was a thing only monks did, but no! women got to illuminate too.

and speaking of medieval women, this nun faked her death to get away from the convent.

check out this mongolian metal band. metal filtered through mongolian music traditions. cool shit.

this is old news, but china successfully sprouted seeds on the moon. how cool is that? lunar plants!

the 500-year-long science experiment - in which scientists will be testing the longevity of bacteria until 2514. that's some faith in one's future fellow scientists, and in the future of science.

a dad in russia made a leafblower-powered sled for his kid.

how to make the best matzo balls, in both cannonball and light&fluffy versions. because matzo balls are always in season.

for a random dose of diy cuteness, potted cactus cake (because cactus) and snow globe cupcakes (because cupcakes).

i love church conversions (when someone converts a church, usually a small one, into living space) but this one in chicago just makes me sad. it looks slapdash and weirdly designed. who puts the pulpit right outside a door between the living/dining space and a bedroom? that makes approximately zero sense. and personally i would have made the living/dining space a little bigger. i guess you're supposed to use the altar bar as a table? also i would never pay $4000/month for it.

...i have opinions on architecture and interior design and they are not always nice ones.

i also love tiny houses, and this harry potter themed one is really neat. a mom and her daughter built it because they're massive hp fans and thought other massive hp fans would appreciate it.

a guy pretended to be a young joseph stalin on tinder and it did not go horribly. i don't know what this says about people on tinder, but maybe not much. altho to be fair the young stalin was kind of cute.

there's a 3d printed bridge in shanghai! it's the world's longest one! who wants to go to shanghai and walk across it with me? :DDD

lightsaber dueling is now an official competitive sport in france. how fun and fannish! there are strict rules, just like there are for other fencing styles, but i don't think people show up for epee tournaments dressed as stormtroopers and jedi.

103-year-old woman becomes a junior ranger at the grand canyon - i think the program is aimed at kids to teach them about national park preservation and protection, but there's no specified upper age limit. so if you decide at age 103 (making you three years older than the park) that you want to be a junior ranger at the grand canyon, you can.

and finally, in honor of the opportunity rover, have a great article about her and a lovely twitter story.

now if you'll excuse me, there's a brick of tofu in my kitchen that i have to deal with before i go to bed.
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([personal profile] petra Feb. 18th, 2019 02:50 pm)
The final roll call on this year's Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia stories includes: Bleach, Lady Audley's Secret, The Dragon Prince, Ronin Warriors, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars Original Trilogy & Clone Wars, The Terror, and World Wrestling Entertainment. If any of those are to your taste, check them out.


A sure sign a piece of media you enjoyed made no waves: you hear the song that was used as a theme song in a different piece of media, struggle to remember where you know it from, read the wikipedia page for the song, and come up blank. Some time passes and the memory clicks.

In case anyone else is looking for this information, Harry Nilsson's "Gotta Get Up," most recently appearing prominently in Russian Doll, is the theme song for the show titled both Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays and Michael: Every Day--you know, the show written by Bob Martin, Mark McKinney, and Susan Coyne that isn't Slings & Arrows. Also two other people. I'm not sure how Shakespeare makes a more relatable show than anxiety but that's modern life for you.

I had a Dreamwidth tag for this show before I wrote this entry because I am in treatment for anxiety Canadian special.


The number of coloned subtitles in this entry is a little over the top. If I missed one, I am Petra: Slightly Embarrassed.
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([personal profile] konsectatrix Feb. 17th, 2019 06:24 pm)

So hey, let me tell you I forgot that 90's anime knew how to do a baby girl power fantasy with a side allegory snarl at authoritarian bullshit and how this sort of social/spiritual/economic set up corrupts and destroys everyone and everything (and before you come @ me about how 'this movie is full of problematic whitewashing HDU enjoy it', check yo'self. The manga was set in post-apocalyptic Kansas with the idea that people from all over fled there, and that's what the movie depicts. Not every anime is Ghost in the Shell, ok? OK.)

Cut for the not spoilery flailing. )

Now for the spoilery as hell story stuff )

Here's an actual warning that is also spoilery. )

I think the reasons why I enjoyed A:BA was less that it's a shot-for-shot adaptation, than it's just that I feel like they raided my memories of the parts that stood out and resonated, or that I loved because sheer cool, and the parts that made me go "....ow my heart" and distilled that and seasoned it and made it better, and the end result is more faithful to the idea than the shot for shot might be. So yeah, I am down with this.

Is it the perfect movie or something? Nah. No such thing. What would that even mean? Would I own it/see it again? Hell yeah. This is a rare live-action adaptation that not only pleased me now, but it went out of its way to jump in a time machine just to make my nineteen-year-old animation-obsessed heart SO HAPPY.
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([personal profile] petra Feb. 16th, 2019 11:35 am)
Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a tlepath. It's like a telepath, except I can only communicate mind-to-mind in Nahuatl.
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([personal profile] konsectatrix Feb. 16th, 2019 11:05 am)
Because I still think in posting form a lot, and it would be so much easier if I could just beep my nose or pull my ear and telepathically post a thing than actually try to remember to post later.
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([personal profile] konsectatrix Feb. 16th, 2019 06:54 am)
Jareth would like me to get up so he can help me pick out my clothes for work.
I think this is like round 3?, 4? on this damn series since I started it. I managed to get Z-Corp past the collapse but I never even quite posted the original end of the S&F blog series, though I have bits of it, in chunks and pieces, with big gaps between. The reboot ate it.

And now I'm trying to whip it into shape. A shape (I figured out that part of the problem was that S&F wasn't a Hero's Journey or a Building's Roman Bildungsroman exactly, it was more alchemical. A Fool's Journey, more like.)

Read more... )

I am not even going to apologize for this metaphor. February is for shit-posting, I'm told.

Anyway, hi, I'm really grumpy about this story right now and I'm making zero progress and I think I'm going to bed. That is all.
(i was watching total dramarama on the cartoon network before. little kids playing superheroes. bee girl will sting you if you're bad - her stinger is a plunger, because kids - but if you're good.... :D )

happy cheap chocolate eve, o my flist. :D we had a giant strawberry shortcake at work to celebrate, plus heart-shaped cookies and brownies. yum. and tax had pizza, because we're special. :D and at one the entirety of tax disappeared for a training, and it was VERY QUIET on the 14th floor. like, so quiet i had a hard time concentrating.

a new tax manager started on monday, and today i did some stuff for him, and when he said "thank you", my response was "for what?" >.< (for doing your job, you dumbass.)

if you want an update on the very special partner, i spent forty-five minutes yesterday adding a day to her hotel reservation for the conference in california that required all the damn flights, and booking a car service for a conference in indiana that started today. she doesn't need to rent a car, but the airport's an hour away. so, car service. (renting a car would be cheaper.) i booked it and emailed her the details (she was in new york at some work thing or other) and considered it done. ha.

her: *emails* please change pickup to 4, per new info.
(new info contained in another email.)
me: your flight is at 5 and the airport is an hour away and if you leave any later than 3 there's a chance you'll miss your flight.
her: ok, 3.
me: *calls car service and changes pickup time* *emails the partner to tell her they'll pick her up at 3 at the hotel*
her: have them pick me up at the kelley school [where i guess the conference is].
me: *thinks* i'm going to reach through the internets and strangle you. also why didn't you say that before?
me: *googles the kelley school to see where it is* *calls car service again and asks them to please change the pickup location* *emails partner to update her*
her: thanks.

OH MY GOD. if i get an email from her tomorrow with anything other than "here's the receipt for lunch" i will lose my shit. today was a nice normal day, aside from the celebratory cake and pizza and everyone vanishing for three hours. the very special partner is out of the office, maybe that's why.

still watching deadly class, altho it seems to be taking that most worn and cliched of paths and going for a love triangle. how boring. i am disappoint. music's still great, tho. and the magicians was a little disconcerting and a little weird and a little fun. also i giggled. )

in sad news, the mars rover opportunity finally went dark, after fifteen years of toodling across the surface of the planet. (she was apparently done in by a really bad dust storm.) she was only supposed to last ninety days. surprise. :D so raise a glass for her and for the men and women who put her on mars, and for all the information she and her fellow rover managed to send back to us. sometimes the future is a really fabulous place to live.

and finally, because it's valentine's day/cheap chocolate eve, let me share one simple trick for impressing your sweetie in bed.
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([personal profile] petra Feb. 14th, 2019 04:57 pm)
Day 2 of Lupercalia has brought Star Trek: Voyager and Bleach into the pack, along with the Star Wars stories from yesterday.

If you have something to post for the collection, today is a great day and tomorrow is good, too.

ETA: Lady Audley's Secret and The Terror with wolves! You know where to go.

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