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( Aug. 8th, 2013 12:56 am)
I had an email from a reader earlier this week, who was looking for Favor, one of my Halloween stories that had long-since gone out of print, which was the kick in the pants I needed to get it polished up and up on Smashwords. (The cover may not be the ultimate cover, but the book is *there*, which is probably more important.)

You can now find Favor (now with British spelling restored, so it's Favour again) at Smashwords from whence it will - eventually - find it's way to Kindle, Kobo, Apple etc.

Bonus for loyal readers - use coupon CF85T for a free copy of Favour good for the next couple of days at Smashwords.
I was lucky enough to get an ebook reader for my birthday a couple of months back (an Elonex 5" e-ink model, should you want to know that), and I love it!

It's really made me aware, though, of the benefits of having stories available to read in a variety of formats - I always used to jump for .html or .pdf files for reading on my pc or for printing out, but now I love the flexibility of epub goodness, and I imagine Kindle users feel the same way about .mobi

This weekend, I've been experimenting with using to convert my centaur short story, Fall, into a range of ebook formats. It seemed like a good candidate - long enough to be worth the effort of downloading for your device, and a story that's close to my heart, and that I'd love to get into as many people's hands as possible (which is why it's been a free read here for a while).

It's now available in epub, html, PDF, LRF (for Sony Reader), PDB (for Palm reading devices) and .mobi for Kindles, as well as here, under the 'centaurs' tag

It's free, and perfectly legal to pass around, although I'd love it if, should you want to give it to a friend, you'd give them a link to download a fresh copy, so I get some download figures to let me know that people are reading.

As always, I love to hear from readers - comments, or twitter messages, or email are all good - so let me know how that works for you?


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