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( Oct. 31st, 2006 03:03 pm)
Partly for [ profile] oct31challenge, but mostly because I have had something to share for Halloween every year since I really started writing and it feels wrong not to have anything to offer. My main idea for the challenge somewhat ran away with me, so this was hammered out in my lunchbreak ....


Father Pete sat vigil. On the eve of All Souls, in a little place like this, the parishioners liked to see the chapel lights glowing against the night and to know that one of their priests was inside, praying for the souls of the dead and the protection of the living. Father Mortimer was elderly now, too old for a long night on his knees when there was a curate to take his place. So Father Pete sat vigil, by candlelight. Read more... )
Written for [ profile] buhfly's Halloween Challenge.

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It's never been the sort of event that advertises. There were no flyers, no posters, not even a few discrete lines in a specialist magazine. The only reason I found out about it is because I have a good memory even when I'm drunk. Drunk and exceedingly well fucked, in this case, and apparently my companions of the evening – old friends but not a couple, on the lookout for new blood to play with, both well hung, and sure of what they wanted – had assumed I was too far gone to be listening. It's never been the sort of event that advertises, but apparently knowing the right name and the right shop, and being willing to drop a significant amount of cash – no credit card records please – is enough to secure an invitation. Or it was, four years ago. I doubt it's that simple any more.

Read more... )
Original fiction by Ephemera - Fairytales, ghost stories and other one-offs

This index page will be updated as further stories are written.

Comments and feedback of any sort, from a simple 'I was here' to full scale LoC's [positive and negative] are most welcome and much appreciated.

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Fairy Tales

Sleeping Beauty

Execution - set in the same world as Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping arrangments

Ghost stories


Blue hands and Can't see straight

One Off's

Self indulgence


A candle in the dark

Two out of Three


This is sex

Kugan and Alaine - memories


the necrophilliac plushy gangbang story ....


Zombies take two - same source, very different result.

Phone Call






Dream come true

School Stories"

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( Sep. 12th, 2003 11:10 am)
Everybody knows his sister's story. At least, once they figure out the connection, they do. No one knows his story though, woven in and wound around his twin sister's well known tale.

Who has time for a mere sinster-side Prince when there's a beautiful golden-haired Princess to lavish attention and legends upon? He is small and dark next to her rose-lipped lily-skinned perfect beauty, and a mere Prince to boot. Most story tellers do not even remember that he is, let alone that he too has a story.

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