Someone posted a plea to authors - wow - that's a month ago already? Anyway - a plea to authors, namely

"Please, if you have a website or blog, please keep it updated. There is nothing more frustrating than having a favorite author and finding their website or blog, only to find out that the last time it got updated was May and it's now October."

I am totally one of those authors, and I apologise, so this is my 'not dead, still plugging along' post.  Specifically, my day job is trying to take up all 26 hours of the day every day, which isn't leaving a lot of time or mental energy for writing.

The ideas are still coming, though, and I'm making lots of notes and scribbled pen-sketches that hopefully will come together into actual stories as soon as the pressure's off a little. I wish I could tell you when that would be, because that would make everything less stressful, but the available evidence suggests that as soon as I say 'work will get less busy in x days' the law of sod will roll into effect and make me a liar. 

I don't want to lie to you, so I'll make you no promises about the timing, just that I'll keep on keeping on, and eventually there will be more stories for me to share with you.

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