I know a lot of people go direct to the publisher's website, and if you're a Kindle user, I assume you use Amazon as your primary e-book store, but I also know a lot of people regularly use other e-book stores, and I'm curious - who do you use?

Do you use one site almost exclusively, or do you regularly use a mix? Does it make a difference what format of e-books you read? Do you go to one place for books for your smart phone, and somewhere else for books for your PC?

There are way too many options to come up with a reasonable poll for this, so I'll ask for comments instead - where do you buy your e-books?

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I am a Kindle owner but I hardly ever buy books from Amazon for my Kindle.

I buy from Allromanceebooks.com and Fictionwise.com mostly. I try to keep all my purchases to these two places for several reasons even though I know it is a better deal for the author if we buy direct from the author.

The main reason is flexibility in format. From both of these sites I can get the books I buy in pdf and prc format so that I can read the book either on my Kindle or on my computer

Another reason is that they keep a very good bookshelf for me that I can access and re-download the books if I need to for some reason. I can also rate and review.

And the last great reason is that ARe has buy 10 get one free and FW has the micropay rebate so my buying dollar goes farther.


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Re: Ebooks

It's probably not inaccurate. A great many Kindle owners don't realize they have a choice in where they might purchase many of their books. If you like to read books in genres and from authors that are available in mulitformat it works well to purchase away from Kindle. If not, Amazon may be the only option for Kindle owners at times.

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*waves* -- here via twitter, where i wrote a reply initially, but it went down on me, so i don't know whether it went through -- also there's more space here. :)

i buy generally from fictionwise, because they have a large selection, the best prices, the most formats, their bookshelf is permanent (so i don't have to worry about losing a title). i am very loyal to them because they offered ebooks when nobody else took them seriously, and have continually improved their service. their club is a great deal, and they have lots of special promos and discounts.

the only drawback is that they take a while to get new releases. generally i can wait, but if i must have a release, or if the publisher is having a sale, i'll buy there. i have bought from allromanceebooks, but their newsletters are so m/f oriented that it turned me off; on fictionwise i can choose which news i want to receive. if all else fails, or i really, really like an author, i'll buy from the author directly because that benefits them most -- but since i am not made of money, i'll still consider the price.

i started to use twitter to keep track of new author releases; not sure yet whether that will work better than elisa rolle's LJ; don't think so.

i am more likely to buy from anyone who offers paypal, because i don't want to hand my credit card number to scores of places.

i don't have a smart phone (i hate reading on small screens), but if i ever get one i'll just pick one to whose format i can easily convert. if i had a kindle i wouldn't use amazon's store, because i don't like the concept and the power they maintain over my collection; i will never grant somebody power over removing books from my devices. the kindle is basically dead to me because of that approach. i'm in general displeased with amazon over their treatment of gay erotica, and am currently not buying from them at all, not even dead-tree books.

yes, the format matters greatly -- i only buy DRM-free or DRM i can crack, because i do not ever want to be locked into somebody's proprietary format, and lose access to books i bought again. i favour lit because it can most easily be cracked and converts well into other formats; otherwise i use pdf, because i can read that on any device i use to read ebooks (but it doesn't convert well). i am hoping open formats like epub will become more common, especially now that sony is converting their store to it.

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that tends to be my preference too, but I tend to buy only from a handful of publishers, which makes that simple, and in formats to read on PC, which I realise isn't how a lot of people interact with ebooks.
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I only buy pdfs, since I don't have anything to read my e-books on except my pc. *g*
And I also only buy from very few publishers.

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Generally fictionwise, because some of the publishers don't offer paypal and i don't have a credit card.

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When I buy e-books, I prefer PDF format, but my favorite kind of books are the old fashioned paperbacks that I can take outside and sit on the chaise lounge and read.

I buy from a number of sources. Amazon.com is the handiest for print books, but when I get e-books, the publishers are endless.

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I'm still quite paper-based, but if I had the cash, I'd spring for an e-reader - if nothing else my back would thank me on the daily commute (I can't just carry one book - what if I finish it?)

From: [identity profile] sarahcolter.livejournal.com

LOL! I hear you, honey! I wish I could afford one of those. I've been drooling over those Kindles on Amazon.com, but there's no way I could justify spending $300 for something like that, even though it would make me incredibly happy. :) I hope you can get one!

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